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Movable Weightlifting Platform – NoVi Fitness – Drop Zone


400 Euro inc. VAT – 320 Euro ex. VAT.

Designed and Developed in Denmark

Our special developed foam weightlifting platform eliminates up 95% of all unwanted noise and vibration when dropping weights. A must have easy movable weightlifting platform.
Made from high-density special foam and cased in extra strong industrial strength vinyl.

The NoVi weightlifting platform comes in a pair of 2 pcs. Each NoVi Pad measures 750×570 mm and have a thickness of 125mm. Each platform has a weight of about 10kg, making it easy to move in the attached reinforced handles.

Download the datasheet to know more about the NoVi quality details.



Listed here are a few quality facts about our Novi-Fitness Platform:

Foam: Made with High Quality foam – High density special foam makes it capable to withstand continues dropping.

Vinyl: Extra strong industrial grad vinyl ensures a durable casing. Made to withstand heavy impact. UV and water-resistant.

Health: We use Vinyl without dangerous Phthalates:

Stitching: Heavy duty quality stitching ensures a great lifespan of the NoVi vinyl casing.

Zipper: Our Quality industrial zipper acts as a ventilation system, which allows the platform to breath when dropping weights on it. This help to minimize stress, wear and tear on the vinyl casing.

Handle: Smart handle for easy moving and storage – Only 10 kg per platform.

Non-Skid: The NoVi special vinyl ensures your platform stays in place, due to friction. This also makes it easy to stack the platforms when not in use.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 76 × 57 × 25 cm